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Thread: Chemistry, Selfishness, or Lack of Instincts?

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    Default Re: Chemistry, Selfishness, or Lack of Instincts?

    Quote Originally Posted by pacer4ever View Post
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    Reggie was never a superstar. Danny has already been an all star.
    Based on your "points", Granger being a Superstar is irrelevant...

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    Default Re: Chemistry, Selfishness, or Lack of Instincts?

    Quote Originally Posted by ksuttonjr76 View Post
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    Was Reggie Miller an All-Star/Superstar before or after he went to the playoffs? Some players do become BETTER players once they had a taste of Playoff basketball.

    Was Derrick Rose an MVP Player the year they went to against Boston? Can the "Didn't have the pieces?" argument be applied to Granger too? Don't kid yourself that a Superstar is going to fall in our lap.
    Kevin Durant was 19 as a rookie and wasnt ready to be a superstar and now he has had time to grow and is a superstar. Danny doesnt have that kind of talent im sry he will never be a superstar. With the way the NBA works now you need a superstar or at least a go 2 guy which we lack.

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    Default Re: Chemistry, Selfishness, or Lack of Instincts?

    A lot of our problems go away if we find a PG who loves to and actually can distribute the ball and delegate touches among his scoring options.

    As I've said, I'm fine with a scoring 1 in theory, but this is a circumstance, as Brush pointed out, where that cannot work. If those other guys are your starters, and in general I believe they should be, you must pair them with a point guard who is out there to get them good looks and to spread the offense around.

    Then there's the defensive issues....

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    Default Re: Chemistry, Selfishness, or Lack of Instincts?

    It's the lack of experience that's hurting this team. I've seen players try to move the ball and get others more involved. I've seen players try to feed the low-post, sometimes to the team's detriment. And I've seen players try to create for themselves and make something positive happen only to have their effort come up flat.

    I don't think the team has given up. I just think that the Pacers haven't executed very well of late. They've had many wide open shots that just didn't go down these past 3 games, and it's very frustrating. Frankly, I've been more upset seeing good shots either clang off the front of the rim or rim out than I've been about poor defense or the lack of ball or player movement because all three have been there - player movement, ball movement and defense, individual and team. Opposing teams have just had that one player who have taken it upon himself to beat us. Brandon Allen did the Pacers in when they faced the Grizzlies. Cousins of the Kings did the same. And last night it was Charlie V who really surprised me because I wasn't expected him to be so effective.

    The Pacers are just complete out of synch right now. It's like when one player is performing well (Hansborough) another's game is completely off (Granger, Hibbert, Collison, Price...take your pick). So, you can't really blame any one player for what has happened these last 3 games. There's tons of blame to go around, but I don't think it's a lack of them wanting to win. Nobody's hanging their head down, but clearly they're all struggling right now and are trying to figure out how to regain momentum and win games. Maybe it is the pressure of getting to the playoffs that has them wound so tight. But it is precisely moments like this where a team realizes it has to pull together and do those things that are necessary to win ball games. So, here's hoping they figure it out individually but moreso collectively and they do so soon.

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    Default Re: Chemistry, Selfishness, or Lack of Instincts?

    I think youth and inexperience is the biggest problem, but I do think there are ways to make the team better. I don't think our combination of starters and back-ups is right. We have two players that are ineffective if they are not the number one scorer, and we don't really have any glue guys with the starters that just make it work. Then our back-up unit is just full of glue guys. While theoretically you want to start all your best players it doesn't always work. You need to mix the two types of players in order to form a strong starting unit and strong second unit.

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