I'm not at all trying to dump on Darren, In fact I think people have been unnecessarily harsh on him recently... However an upgrade is an upgrade. Raymond Felton has had an impressive season, hes a vet who has had great production this year and his contract is not outrageous.

With Ty Lawson being the PG of the future in Denver, I have got to think Felton should be available for the right price this off season. What should/would he cost? We will have the advantage of being able to absorb his contract due to being under the cap.

Felton is averaging 16 points and almost 9 assists a game for the year. The biggest reason I like the idea is that I think he would be a defensive upgrade over Collison, and that is a big deal. He is still a short PG but he has superior strength and seems to be mentally tough. Collison is young and seems prone to mental lapses, A steady vet presence at the PG position could do wonders for this team going forward.

You can count me amongst people who believe that we have more need for upgrades to our back court than the PF position. I am ok with letting Paul George grow into the SG position for now, but I am interested in REALISTIC scenario's to upgrade the PG spot, which can have a dramatic effect on the team's success.