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    Default Hansbrough - What Does It Take To Please

    I am still seeing regular comments on PD how we need to go after a power forward in the off season. That where we need help.

    Here are some Hansbrough stats over the past 10 games:

    FG% 58

    FT% 79

    PPG 21

    Reb/game 7.6

    Steals/game 1.4

    Is there room for improvement? Sure, with just about everyone including you and me BUT we all have seen and know Tyler has improved immensely over the course of this season. Who thought we would be seeing what we now see in him 2 months ago?

    What I want to know is what it is going to take to please the critics? He is going to get better and better given time and experience and we see that happening even now so why the dissatisfaction? I am not smart enough to see it (in view of his growth and continual growth).

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