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I'm confused. Are we talking about Dunleavy here? I guess not?

Because if we are, those numbers are totally off.

Dunleavy shot .500 FG% his last ten games.

Also, .500% from the 3.

and .769 FT%....

You were looking at someone else's line, or something.

And, the Pacers went 7-3, not 5-5. That was Feb 2 to Feb 22.
That's what I thought as well.

So Dunleavy might be back late next week. If so, I definitely think he should be back with the team and probably should go back to the starting lineup when he's ready because PG hasn't been very good since he's been in the starting lineup and the bench has lost a lot of it's punch without him. Paul will also have his number called more with the bench players and there will be less pressure on him to perform.