To Eliminate/Hold Off the Pacers
Pacers can still win 39 games.

*2 - New York (38 wins) still playing

8 - Charlotte
9 - Millwaukee

Draft position "race"
Pacers can lose 47 max
Pacers can finish no higher than 8th in the lottery.
Locked "ahead" of Pacers

(Pacers win or opponent loss reduces this number)
*1 - Clips - still playing
2 - Fawns *1 game due to tiebreak
3 - Kitties *actually 2 games for playoff elimination due to tiebreak
*4 - Warriors - still playing

BTW, by making the playoffs the Pacers will not only move behind the team's listed here in the "lottery" magic numbers, but also the not mentioned Rockets, Suns and Jazz.

So by not losing out to Charlotte the Pacers go from drafting maybe 10th (say they do worse than Warriors) to drafting 15th.

It would look something like...

8 Clips
9 Bucks
10 Pacers
11 Warriors
12 Jazz
13 Suns
14 Rockets
15 Bobcats

Are those 5 players worth a massive crash to end the season and miss the playoffs in this draft year? It's probably costing them a Morris brother, Jimmer, Kemba...

Faried, Thompkins, maybe T Jones still on the board. Skeen might be on the board for the round 2 pick. You can get some PF help or go for the talent of Jones at SF.