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Thread: Putting out APBs

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    Default Putting out APBs

    Where are these people: ChicagoJ (been over this one before), cordobes (!!), BostonConnection? Add more to the list we haven't heard from in awhile. I really miss hearing from these guys. count and JayRedd are in there too, but I read 8pts9secs to get my fill of them.

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    Default Re: Putting out APBs

    I'm assuming that ChicagoJ is busy.

    I'm guessing that cordobes got tired of all who strongly disagreed with his basketball beliefs.

    I have no idea where BC went.

    I think count55 and JayRedd both got tired of PD as a whole, along with, of course, moving on to write for their website/blog.

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    Default Re: Putting out APBs

    Didn't cordobes say a long time ago that his job was very time consuming and it's been taking his time or something like that? That's always why I've thought he hasn't been here.

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    Default Re: Putting out APBs

    Another name to toss out there.....Arkman40. Actually saw his name on the bottom of the screen recently and checked today to find his last visit was yesterday, but hasn't made a post since 2005.
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