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Thread: Donovan McNabb will be CSN college basketball analyst

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    Default Donovan McNabb will be CSN college basketball analyst

    McNabb will be CSN college hoops analyst
    By Dan Steinberg
    If you want to know what Donovan McNabb thinks about the NCAA tournament, you’re in luck. The Redskins quarterback — I guess he’s a Redskins quarterback — will be an in-studio analyst for Comcast SportsNet’s coverage of the tourney’s first round this week.

    That means, via press release, that McNabb will be on SportsNet Central Thursday night at 10 and 11, and will be on Washington Post Live with Ivan Carter at 10:30. It also means a Saturday evening appearance on SportsNet Central.

    If you wanted to make jokes, you could either say that the final two minutes of analysis will be provided by Rex Grossman, or that producers better have a barf bag at the ready, or that less than 24 hours after announcing they had signed McNab, CSN will likely bench him in favor of Rick “Doc” Walker. Or something like that.

    Or you could just say that you wonder what McNabb will say after Syracuse loses to Xavier in the second round.

    Here’s vintage McNabb, the college basketball player.

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