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    that there are not only great players on the Pacers, but also great people.

    • The Indiana Pacers’ Reggie Miller keeps his extensive charitable work private, but he is known to make countless surprise visits to schools, and host young burn victims for movie watching at his private home theater.

    • While visiting a young boy in the hospital, the Indiana Pacers’ Jermaine O’Neal coaxed him to leave his wheelchair to take his first few steps after a serious accident. With his teammates, he also managed to get a smile from a young girl who had not spoken or smiled for half a year. He hosts premier high-school basketball players in a tournament at Conseco Fieldhouse, gave more than $25,000 for toys, clothing and electronics for more than 800 children.

    Most everyone knows of Reggie's charity work. And this only adds to my great respect of who O'Neal is as a person.

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    I give back to the community...

    10 hours of volunteer work every week

    I want my own newspaper article. I just need to become really good at something, like correspondense chess.
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    I also volunteer my time dealing with the youth but never once have I used it in a conversation to make myself seem like a good person or whatever. The only time I talk about what I do is for purposes of work and other scheduling dilemas.

    The smiles on those kids faces and the genuine appreciation from their parents is more than enough for me.

    It just feels right... some people are just down right genuine and it is nice to see some of them on the Pacers.

    They don't need recognition because to them it is nothing more than doing the right thing.

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