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    Here is an off-season trade idea.

    GS gets:

    Danny Granger 3 yr, $39.0M
    Darren Collison 2 yr, $3.8M
    Dahntay Jones 2 yr, $5.6M

    IND gets:

    Stephen Curry 2 yr, $7.1M
    Epke Udoh 3 yr, $11.3M

    These trades won't need to work financially as both teams will be under the cap once the new fiscal year starts.

    GS gets a big name to put between Ellis and Lee. They get a PG who can play extended minutes pushing the ball with Ellis. They would be able to go bigger with a starting or finishing lineup when they want mroe defense out of their PG.

    We do this to get an upgrade at PG. No offense DC, but Curry has a natural speed that he looks extremely comfortable at. He is a smart defender. He has an unbelievable shot/range. He can get into the lane, and is a very good passer. I still think he needs to gain some strength for the NBA game though. Epke Udoh solidifies our front court with that potential X-factor type of player. He blocks aton of shots and is a solid rebounder. Very smart basketball player as well.

    PG - Curry/Price
    SG - Rush/Stephenson
    SF - George/Posey
    PF - Udoh/Hansborough
    C - Hibbert

    We would probably look to add a SF/PF with a lot of athleticism and a backup C. I would bring back McRoberts as well and with our two draft picks, which leaves one open roster spot for use in trades. I would want to take a wing with one of the picks and a big man with the other.
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