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Thread: Best white dunker you will ever see. Help Jacob Tucker get into the NCAA dunk contest.

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    Default Best white dunker you will ever see. Help Jacob Tucker get into the NCAA dunk contest.

    Here is Jacob Tucker's youtube video:

    Thought I would go around posting this since I play in the same conference as him and he is a pretty nice guy (His facebook group page picture is him trying to dunk over a few of my teamates. He missed ).

    Now to respond to some of the common criticisms of the video:

    - He states in the description his running verticle is 50", not his standing, so don't go claiming that is an exageration. In his video from his sophmore year he listed his standing vertical at 45", which may have been an exageration back then but is probably accurate now.

    - He is not taller than 5' 11", not even by an inch. That is more than likely his measurement with shoes on. He probably is about 5' 9" without shoes.

    - No he is not going to the NBA, while he can jump reeaallyy high and throw down some impressive dunks, the rest of his game is not even close to the NBA level. That isn't to say he is a bad player, he lit my team up for 32 points one game, it's just that he is not an NBA quality player.

    - Yes he can dunk like this in games, and has.... many, many times.

    Anyways, it would be cool if you guys reading this could help spread the video around and make it go viral. He has a legitimate chance at making the contest, and he really does deserve it. At the time of this posting the video had 50k views in less that a day, so it is already started the process. Apparently he has been contacted by Sportsnation for an interview, so that means that at least some people are taking notice.
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