Ignore please, just a test. Having a problem posting on the main board.
Peck had brought this up in a previous thread about a month ago. Just wanted to kind of bump this and see if there was any interest.

The idea/thought was the membership of PD having an opportunity to attend a game as group. Looking at the schedule the New York game on Sunday April 10th at 7pm could be a great chance at doing something like this.

It appears there are several tickets together in section 112 (directly across from our A55 buddies) available for this game. I know the Ps give a discount on group tickets of 20 or more, so if enough folks are interested maybe we could get a really good rate from the Ps front office.

Anyway, I thought it was a good idea thrown out by Peck, and since we're coming down to the end of the season it could be a good time.

So....what do you think my brothers and sisters????

Edit....well it works here.???