Who do you think has a harder schedule this year other than the Colts? I mean seriously. We start the season on the road in Foxboro, then the next week its in Tennesse! And now this week we play Favre and the Packers, maybe without The Edge. Then simingly the easiest game so far is in Jacksonville next week, which to my surprise they are 2-0. The after that we play the Raiders in Indy. Then we have our bye week. After the bye week we play Jacksonville at home. Then the next week its the Chefs(Chiefs) in KC, which I think they will have there team turned around by then. Then the following week its MNF @ THE DOME against the Vikings, which I think they will bounce back and be 6-1 by the time they get to us. Then that sunday we play home against the Texans. Then we play @ Chicago and @ Detroit the next 2 weekends. Then we play at home against the always tough Titans, which will def. be looking for revenge. The its @ Houston, which I think is getting to be a hard place to play.Then we're at home against one of the most dangerous D's in the league, The Ravens. Then the easiest game of our whole season I think, we play at home against the Chargers. Then finally for the last game of the season we play the always difficult Denver Broncos to close out our regular season at home! So after all of this I think the Colts will finish....13-3 with losses to of course the Patriots,Lions, and Ravens.