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Thread: What specifically has Tyler improved on from last year?

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    Teams treat Josh and Tyler very differently. They don't try to prevent Josh from scoring...which is a huge reason his FG% is higher. Teams know Tyler will go in and posterize you every single time he gets his hands on the ball, given the chance. The deal is that if you don't do a good job defending Tyler, he's getting an And-One on you...every time. That hurts the opposition big time, and they're not about to allow it...if they can stop him...which sometimes they really cannot.

    This is really a big deal that could be exploited as Tyler matures, but Tyler has yet to learn how to pass. That's a big weakness to his game...but it's probably because he wants to score so much. Josh, however, is not physical, not as interested in scoring and almost always gets stripped going to the lane. The defense simply doesn't worry much about him. To them, he's like Foster.
    Reading PD recently it sounds like Josh shouldn't be on the roster and Tyler is ready for an all-star appearance. Teams are so worried about getting posterized by Tyler that they defend him to the point his FG % is in Iverson range? Really??

    Josh plays within his abilities, Tyler doesn't - that's the difference in the FG%. Let's not pretend Tyler is getting double teams and Josh isn't guarded.

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