CLE gets:

Marvin Williams
Mo Evans

ATL gets:

TJ Ford
JJ Hickson
Leon Powe

IND gets:

ATL 2011 Second Rounder

This deal gets Cleveland a legit wing player going forward. They give up Hickson for him though, which could be a deal breaker.

PG - Williams, Sessions
SG - Harris, Gibson
SF - Williams, Eyenga, Gee
PF - Jamison, Samuals
C - Verajao, Hollins

Atlanta gets a PF/C to put next to Horford. They get rid of Williams long-term deal and get a PG who gives them another option for a playoff run this year.

PG - Bibby, Ford, Teague
SG - Johnson, Ja. Crawford, Jo. Crawford
SF - JSmith, Wilkins, Sy
PF - Horford, Powe, Powell
C - Hickson, Pachulia, Collins, Thomas

Indiana gets a second rounder for TJ Ford and don't take any salary back. Not a major deal, but we get something for Ford.