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Thread: Guess our record after the all star break

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    Default Guess our record after the all star break

    What do you guys think our record will be after this all star break? We have 28 games to go.

    Looking at our schedule, it looks as if we have a lot of games coming up that I think are very winnable.

    I'm going to post the schedule and put either Win or Loss after each game, then add up the score. If you want to do it in this format, that would be nice.

    Tue 22 @ Washington Win
    Wed 23 vs Detroit Win
    Fri 25 vs Utah Loss
    Sun 27 vs Phoenix Loss
    Tue 01 vs Golden State Win
    Wed 02 @ Oklahoma City Loss
    Fri 04 @ Dallas Loss
    Sat 05 @ Houston Win
    Tue 08 vs Philadelphia Win
    Wed 09 @ Minnesota Win
    Fri 11 @ Toronto Win
    Sun 13 @ New York Loss
    Tue 15 vs New York Win
    Wed 16 @ Boston Win
    Fri 18 vs Chicago Loss
    Sat 19 @ Memphis Win
    Mon 21 @ New Jersey Win
    Wed 23 @ Charlotte Win
    Fri 25 vs Sacramento Win
    Sat 26 @ Detroit Win
    Mon 28 vs Boston Loss
    Wed 30 vs Detroit Win
    Fri 01 vs Milwaukee Loss
    Sun 03 @ New Orleans Loss
    Wed 06 vs Washington Loss
    Fri 08 vs Atlanta Loss
    Sun 10 vs New York Win
    Wed 13 @ Orlando Win

    So the way I have predicted, we would be 17-11 our last 28 games which would put us at 41-41 on the season. I would say that would be a good end to our season, but i'm OBVIOUSLY being optimistic.
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