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Thread: Turmoil in N.Y. may turn into a nightmare for me

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    Default Re: Turmoil in N.Y. may turn into a nightmare for me

    Quote Originally Posted by FlavaDave View Post
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    Jermaine O'Neal was a bad thing? What? Dude got a knee injury... before that he was an All-Star starter and a top 5 MVP guy. The trade Walsh made to swap DD for JO took huge balls and worked great. You're gonna blame Walsh for an injury?

    Jamaal Tinsley, Stephen Jackson, Jermaine O'Neal... Three starters on arguably the most talented Pacers squad of all time.

    Remember the brawl? The awful thing that killed our fanbase and stopped a juggernaught of a team that was tearing through the defending champs and were widely acknowledged as the best team in the NBA?

    Remember 2000? The Finals? Remember the spring of 2004, when we went back to the ECF with a COMPLETELY different team?

    Is this mic on?

    I haven't mentioned the 90's yet.

    Look, Donnie made mistakes. We all know he had to trade SJax, who knows what other offers he had? I'm guessing he had to take on horrible contracts. Any props on the forsight to get two guys who expired in the same summer to set up massive cap space?

    And look at the job he did in NY. Do people doubt that he would have had the savy to stockpile young guys and wait for cap space? Because he did the exact same thing immediately upon taking over the Knicks.

    Donnie Walsh wouldn't be my first pick to replace Bird if that day comes (which is saying something, look at my avatar!) I agree that getting a young blood to oversee the franchise for a long time would be better.

    But to all of you who are acting like Walsh was some terrible burden that the franchise suffered through... Check you head.
    Good post.

    I'm not busting on Walsh, per se. I'm just getting a laugh regarding all the guys who made millions thanks to Donnie's loyalty. He had great moments (like signing Derrick Mckey ) but some of his extensions belong on the negative side of the ledger.
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    Default Re: Turmoil in N.Y. may turn into a nightmare for me

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaufman View Post
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    Walsh also brought in your screen name-sake, Derrick McKey, into the mix for a player at the time who was wildly popular with fans in Indianapolis.
    Yeah, this is the one reason I don't like him. My boy Det. Of course he did trade Herb for Det before that, when Det was already my favorite NBA player period.

    Also I HATED HATED HATED chasing after Pooh when it meant giving up Michael Williams.

    But swapping inside black-hole Harrington for outside black-hole Jackson after the Pistons exploited the fact that the Pacers had little outside scoring other than Reggie was a smart move, and was a big reason why the Pistons were getting tatered at home right before the brawl broke out.

    The only really nasty deal was the GSW deal. I would have either ridden out Jackson's contract or traded Al/Jack separately. But we also get conflicting reports on that one since it was during the 2 headed monster.

    Really that 2 headed monster thing is kinda ironic considering the main topic of this thread, Isiah working the background often conflicting with Donnie's wishes.

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    Default Re: Turmoil in N.Y. may turn into a nightmare for me

    That two headed monster that New York has is the real monster. Larry and Donnie never had any issues of infighting or going behind each others backs like what we are hearing about there.

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