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Thread: NBA ALL STAR Weekend thread

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    meh, I disagree on both accounts (well three, if we count the passing. I think Lebron's passing is overrated, to be quite honest). Being skilled is vastly different than being efficient, and despite being older, I'd still take Kobe.
    In a seven game series, I think you would have a (very) strong argument for choosing Kobe over LeBron, but LeBron is statistically better than Kobe in every single category, efficiency included. His talent is undeniable. There is nothing on the basketball court he can't do, and there's no position on the floor he can't play or defend. Kobe is a little streaky at this point. If his crazy shots aren't falling, then he can't dominate a game like LeBron can. Even if LeBron's shot isn't falling, he can dominate the game in so many other ways. At this point in his career, I don't think you can really say that about Kobe anymore.

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