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Thread: Did Don Nelson and Rudy T also get Robbed?

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    Default Did Don Nelson and Rudy T also get Robbed?

    Almost lost in the Reggie Miller exclusion is that Don Nelson, the all time wins leader in the NBA, also was left off. Also, Rudy Tomjanovich, a two time champion with the Houston Rockets. When you consider who was in their place (the 10th women's coach, Ralph Sampson, Jamal Wilkes), did they also get snubbed for Hall of Fame consideration?

    I think both definitely deserve to be finalists at the very least. And Don Nelson, for all you might say argue about him being overrated, did win more games than any NBA coach. Yes, he lost more games than any other coach too, but that might actually be an argument for letting him in, based on longevity and being a presence in the league for years.

    Rudy T helped make the Rockets a major fixture in the NBA for a period of years. Certainly, he has the resume at least to make the list of finalists.

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    Default Re: Did Don Nelson and Rudy T also get Robbed?

    Wilkes getting the nod really doesn't hasn't bothered me as much as Sampson. I mean the dude did win ROY, 3-time All-Star, made the All NBA second team three times, and the Defensive second team twice, plus 4 rings even if he did win 3 of them in the shadow of Kareem and Magic. Throw in the fact that with the exception of the end of his career with the Clippers, the dude won EVERYWHERE (HS, College, NBA), I think he at least has a case for a nomination.
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