Is Stephenson a point or 2gaurd? im guessing over half the members in here have nvr seen lance play. im in that group.

i did not have access to summer league over the summer, do not watch UC, and missed the preseason games as well.

havent been gushing over lance like many have on here, and apparently like Bird and Boyle either.. but i guess with the recent comments from Bird, Boyle, and so on my expectations need to rise on lance.

my question is, to those who are in the know or have seen him play, is he going to be a point or shooting gaurd, if he makes it in this league?

im concerned with the off the court issues this guy has, last thing the pacers need when were trying to win back fans is more bad PR for the team.

hate to see the pacers end up moving elsewhere due to one bad apples actions.

that aside, is lance another wing for the pacers or do some believe he may be able to play the point at this level. his defense im guessing is going to be the determining factor.