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Thread: Should we "uncork" McRoberts?

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    Default Should we "uncork" McRoberts?

    I'm not really sure how I want to word this, but I feel as if Josh McRoberts has an extremely unique skill set for someone of his size. It's probably why there was so much hype around the guy in high school and college (cdash for king of the obvious). But here's my question: Should we start trying to utilize more of this guy's skill set? Maybe let him handle the ball and try to take it to bigger, slower guys who can't stay with them. He looks to pass a little too often, I think he should be more aggressive around the rim. It's not like he has no post moves, it's just that he never uses them. He could draw a lot of fouls if he went at guys a little more. Basically, I think he is being underutilized on offense. What sort of things do you guys think he is capable of that might be a benefit to this team down the stretch?

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