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Thread: IND/SAC trade

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    Default IND/SAC trade

    There was a rumor of sactown wanting an experienced shooter/playmaker that wouldn't hurt them financially on espn's rumormill a few days ago and it got me to thinking about a certain pacer that many are thinking we need to part ways with for a big to even out and possibly solve our rotation issues so how about...

    IND trades: Dunleavy

    SAC trades: Jason Thompson

    New Rotation:

    PG: Collison/Price/Lance
    SG: Rush/George/Lance
    SF: Granger/George/Jones
    PF: McBob/Tyler/Thompson
    C: Hibbert/Thompson/Foster

    It makes our team more balanced helps our youth movement by getting a player in the same age bracket (24) as the others in our core and doesn't hurt either team financially due to small contract for us and expiring contract for them which they can absorb this year since they are way under the cap...cause we need someone who can replace jeff at the backup C next year since he isnt getting any younger and thompson would could come cheap...still on rookie deal...hopefully then we can stand pat and be able to pay all this young talent when the time comes instead of overpaying for FA this summer or next....thoughts?

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    sorry for posting this thread twice but hey give me a break its my first can delete one of them if you want

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    Makes no sense for the Kings to do the trade, unless you are adding sweetner such as a 1st.

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    Default Re: IND/SAC trade

    IMO, Thompson would start. Reminds me of a Lamarcus Aldridge clone.

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