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    This trade is based on the idea that Houston wants to shed salary, and for that reason only, as they begin to rebuild following the Yao era.

    Pacers get Luis Scola from Houston and Caron Butler from Dallas

    Rockets get Jeff Foster (Texas native right?) and Solomon Jones, and first rd picks with some protection (top 5?) in 2011 and 2013 from Pacers and Deshawn Stevenson and 2012 first rd pick from Dallas

    Dallas get Mike Dunleavy from Pacers and Shawn Battier from Houston

    All contracts except Scola's is expiring.

    Houston can resign Battier in offseason if they want and Pacers could resign Foster as a 5th big in the offseason if they want.

    Dallas gives up basically a future #1 for Battier's defense for the playoffs and maybe Mike's 3 point shooting off the bench

    We are giving up 3 expiring contracts that we don't want back anyway (maybe Foster) a #1 in a very weak draft and then a future #1 for quite probably the long term solution to our PF position. Our front court would be Hibbert and Scola with McRoberts and Hansbrough as a very solid second unit.

    With this deal we are banking on George and Rush to handle SG for next year with Jones and Stephenson maybe in the mix, and if Rush doesn't improve we'll worry about that next off season.

    I think all teams make out well. Pacers get that All around PF we need, Dallas gets some vet experience to help Dirk and Kidd for a playoff push, and Houston gets $12 million in expiring contracts and 3 #1 picks, which may sound like a lot, but again this is a weak draft and Dallas' would probably be in the 20's. Still a good way to begin a rebuilding project.

    What do you all think of this?

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    Default Re: Pacers/Mavs/Rockets

    HUST goes...........

    and Dallas says

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