Just skimming over my list here, everything should be very cheap, and not much of any single item that would be over $10 I don't think. I add $2 for shipping & Delivery Confirmation charges, though. If you are interested in anything and you want an individiual or a together price, just let me know. I'm just looking to get a few bucks to have to spend at college when I start in August as well as clear out some stuff and create space. I have gotten all of the items below autographed personally. If you want pics of anything, just let me know and I'll get them to you ASAP. I can only accept cash, money order, and cashiers check as I do not own a Paypal account. Thanks!

Again, EVERYTHING that is listed below IS autographed

Armstrong, Darrell (cards)
Baston, Maceo (card, customized index card I made of him)
Boomer (cards)
Bowser (cards)
Boyle, Mark (8x10 photo w/ Bobby "Slick" Leonard--both signed it)
Croshere, Austin (cards)
Dampier, Erick (cards)
Daniels, Marquis (cards)
Denari, Chris (photo)
Diener, Travis (cards)
Diogu, Ike (cards)
Dreiling, Greg (cards)
Dunleavy, Mike (cards)
Ford, T.J. (cards)
Foster, Jeff (cards, blank index card)
Gill, Eddie (blank index card x2)
Graham, Stephen (ticket)
Head, Luther (cards)
Hibbert, Roy (cards, game program)
Jack, Jarrett (cards, multiple 8.5x11 photos, game program)
Jones, Dahntay (cards)
Leonard, Bobby "Slick" (8x10 photo w/ Mark Boyle--both signed it)
McKey, Derrick (cards)
McRoberts, Josh (cards, game program, 8.5x11 photo of him dunking)
Murphy, Troy (cards)
Newton, Bill "Fig" (8x10 photo)
O'Brien, Jim (season ticket stub x2)
O'Neal, Jermaine (8x10 Photofile photo) Asking $20 incl. shipping on this one
Owens, Andre (cards, game programs)
Perkins, Sam (cards)
Pollard, Scot (cards, game program)
Posey, James (8.5x11 photo in a Pacers uniform)
Price, A.J. (cards, Draft program)
Rush, Brandon (cards, game program)
Schrempf, Detlef (cards)
Scott, Byron (cards)
Watson, Earl (cards)
Wittman, Randy (cards)

People from PD that have bought from me thus far:
El Pacero