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Thread: Vick named Comeback Player of the Year

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    Default Vick named Comeback Player of the Year

    Vick named comeback player of the year
    DALLAS Ė Michael Vick has been named comeback player of the year by the Associated Press.

    The official announcement will be made live on NFL Network at 8:30 ET. The Eagles quarterback will be there to accept his award.

    Vick beat out such contenders as Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher, Vikings linebacker E.J. Henderson, Broncos receiver Brandon Lloyd and Seattle receiver Mike Williams. Urlacher and Henderson were coming back from injuries and Lloyd and Williams had breakout seasons.

    Vickís comeback came under different circumstances. The Eagles quarterback missed two seasons while he served a prison sentence for his role in a dogfighting operation. He returned in 2009, but played sparingly.

    However, this past season when Kevin Kolb suffered a concussion in the opener, Vick jumped in as the backup and never lost the starting quarterback job. He put up career-high numbers in completion percentage (62.6), passing yards (3,018), passing touchdowns (21), and passer rating (100.3).

    He also rushed for 676 yards and a career-high nine touchdowns in leading the Eagles to an NFC East title. He also finished runner-up to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in most valuable player award voting.

    Vickís two-year contract is up in March, but the Eagles are committed to bringing him back for next season. Because of the expiring collective bargaining agreement, however, the team canít extend his deal until there is an agreement. The league has said there will be a franchise tag that teams can start using around Feb. 11.

    If the tag is available the Eagles will use it on Vick to retain his rights for at least next season, team sources have said. Vick has said that he would be fine with the franchise tag and that he would sign it.
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    Default Re: Vick named Comeback Player of the Year

    Well deserved and I can't wait to see him back at the Linc next season.

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