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    Default IND/CHI

    IND gets: Taj Gibson, Korver, Kurt Thomas
    CHI gets: Jeff Foster, B Rush, Josh McRoberts, 2011 first round pick

    Chicago gets an upgrade at the 2 guard spot, and the hustle plays of Foster that all the title contenders are wanting. Plus McRoberts, who is turning into a decent role/energy player.

    We get a very good starting quality PF, a back-up for Roy, and a solid role player in Korver.

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    Default Re: IND/CHI

    Why in the hell do they get our first round pick? Take that out and it's a solid trade though in my opinion.. Korver is underrated while Taj is an upgrade as well as Kurt Thomas.

    If anything, they should be giving us a first round pick though.. We add on salary, they take off, so they should give up a little bit of something.

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    Default Re: IND/CHI

    i dont like it for the pacers

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