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    Default Carmelo

    Pacers get:
    1. Scola
    2. Kevin Martin

    houston gets:
    1. Carmelo
    2. Gary forbes

    nuggets get:
    1. Gerald Wallace
    2. TJ ford
    3. Patrick Patterson
    4. houston 2012 pick

    bobcats get:
    1. mike dunleavy
    2. Brandon rush
    3. Indy 2011 pick

    Houston has said it will do whatever it can including giving up scola and martin for a star like Carmelo.

    Bobcats have said they want to get rid of wallace for future cap relief and have discussed trade with the cavs involving their trade exception but the cavs also wanted a first round pick. They get a productive expring and agreat backup plus a future 1st for wallace.

    Pacers get a steal. they said they need a SG who can get his own shot and an upgraded PF. ( josh could get minutes as the main backup center)
    This is a playoff team with:

    Collison/AJ/ lance (spot minutes)
    Martin/ D. Jones
    Hibbert/ Josh

    also if Martin or scola doesnt work out we could send him to the kings ( they got cap space) on draft day for their first round pick. just an idea.

    Nuggets geta defeinve minded SF to replace carmelo plus an expiring and young prospect. and a pick
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