Pacers trade: TJ ford, D. Jones, McRoberts, 1st rounder
Pacers get: Josh Smith, Etan Thomas

Hawks get: Carl Landry, Mcroberts, D. Jones OR Rush, Pacers 1st rounder
Hawks trade: Josh smith, pape Sye, Etan Thomas

Kings get: TJ ford, Pape Sye
Kings trade: Landry

TJ ford is pretty much useless to the Pacers except for his expiring. We would replace McRoberts with Smith, rush has looked inconsistent again and d. jones isn't much use here either. we do lose a 1st rounder but we should be better now that O'Brien is gone, who didn't even believe this team could make the playoffs.

Darren Collison-potential All Star
Paul George- potential All Star if not superstar.
Granger- All Star
Josh Smith-All Star
Roy Hibbert- future All Star with the right help.

with cap space to round out the roster

kings have said they want a PG and Landry is unhappy there.