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Thread: My trip to Chicago 1/29

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    Default My trip to Chicago 1/29

    What a great time. It all started off purchasing tickets on eBay in section 106row 15, which is located behind the Bulls basket. We got to the stadium about an hour and a half early so we could check everything out from the inside/out. We found the Jordan statue which is literally a monument with people taking turns standing next to it getting picture can be seen down this page.

    When we got in we went to our section and found out that the Pacers were warming up on the opposite end of our seats. We decided to walk around the other side and get down as close as possible to watch warmups, we managed to get pretty close, an usher (which all ushers there dress as if they are airline stewardess, hints the name "United Center") asked both of us, "Are these your guys' seats?, I said, "Yes."...with confidence. *It's all about acting like you know what you are doing. We were standing in the 5th row which was the 2nd row of actual seats not counting the 3 rows of fold up chairs on the floor. DC, Lance and TJ were on the floor an hour before tip off warming up. I yelled such things to Lance like, "We want you out there!!" He smiled and kinda shrugged his shoulders like, me too!! I yelled at Posey saying, "I want four 3's tonight!" He kinda laughed and shook his head. I didn't really like that confidence. Stacey came over and talked to me for a little bit, I went to school with her brother so that's how she knows me. She asked if we were sitting where we were talking, I said something like, "Haha I wish but no, we are on the opposite side 15 rows up, she said she would tell her camera guys to get us on TV."

    About twenty minutes before tip-off the fans started piling in...I was all but ready to go back to our original seats...

    When the players all came out I raised up my Area55 t-shirt...Roy finally noticed it and gave me a point. I still wish I would have brought a fathead or two.

    The game finally started and we were sitting around a sold out United Center feeling like we might get lucky and go the whole game without getting kicked out. Halfway through the 1st people were still coming in but never to our seats...we scored big time because nobody came the whole game, talk about luck. I stood up during all big plays that were made like raising up three fingers for when a three was made....the first quarter went by and I didn't hear one thing from Bulls' fans. Once the 2nd hit people started yelling at me, "Sit down!" "Pacers suck!" I would just turn around and be like, I know! This one fan was talking about bad contracts and how Dunleavy is getting paid 10 million a year, I would turn around and say something back to him but he would say EVERYTIME, "Games that way buddy!" What do you want me to do, talk to you looking forward? Guy was an idiot. This one voice kept yelling at me and when I turned around it was an old man...this guy had to be at least 70. He literally wanted to fight, I don't know what his problem was but he wanted to go. I turned around, got my camera ready, turned back to him and snapped a picture while laughing...that had to make him feel good.

    A few things I remember yelling during play...

    Foster was getting outplayed by #3 the big white guy on the Bulls. I know 95% of the NBA but still don't know who he is...I yelled out to Foster as time was stopped, "Hey Foster, who is this guy? He's killin you!" He nodded in agreement. Granger was nowhere to be seen in the first few minutes of the game, I yelled at him, "C'mon Danny! Let's get it going!!!" He came down next posession and nailed a three. I could see the bench watching me time after time when I would stand to yell things. I knew they could hear me so I felt like I had them motivated. I got onto the refs a few times (you all remember how bad they were) and got a stare down by one of them which felt like an eternity. Someone told me, I was like the Pacers' Spike Lee.

    I did get on TV at the end of the half which I owe a thanks to Stacey for that.

    I know there is a lot more I should be sharing with you but in all honesty I don't remember all that much since I partied all night.

    Here are some pics, I don't know how to post on here so there is a link via flikr. I used my camera phone btw.

    MJ Statue and Me representing our boys.

    Pacers lined up during the National Anthem...solid pic.


    Me and the ol' lady (who also is a diehard P fan) during the final horn...

    All in all it was successful trip...we got beat but in the end we both won because we sat so close for so little price. I'm definitely going to go to another away game.

    Hope you enjoyed!

    ***O yea! I went to JOB's last every Pacers' game!!!!! The refs kicked him out and then the morning after Larry kicked him out. Go P!

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    Default Re: My trip to Chicago 1/29


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    Default Re: My trip to Chicago 1/29

    you guys made it on TV, you were on the PACERS broadcast. Showed a couple of close ups of you guys.

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    Default Re: My trip to Chicago 1/29

    Yeah the Nets game I shared an elevator with Clark and Danny's wife. It was pretty cool. Clark is classy even in person.

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    Default Re: My trip to Chicago 1/29

    Glad to see you had a good time. I've been a Pacers fan on the road for the past 7 years in Orlando and now this year in Charlotte. I expect to get heckled at games but its all in good fun - generally it starts conversation and sometimes you get to leave the building coming off a win (happened in Charlotte this year after a Stephen Jackson 3...felt good to be wearing a Hibbert jersey as I left the building). Also pretty cool that you were at O'Brien's last game as a Pacers coach.

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    Default Re: My trip to Chicago 1/29

    Haha, those at least those Chicago fans care! I went to the Hawks game earlier this month...I was sitting about 6 rows up. I was yelling C'mon Pacers, etc the whole game in my Reggie jersey and I never once got anything said back to me...not once. The loudest ovation of the entire game was because Hollinger was on his computer up in the front watching some football game and one of the team's on there scored....the crowd was watching his computer screen more intently than the game.

    The Hawks were winning but it seemed like I was the only one cheering anywhere around me. Poor Hawks... fans still don't care even though they are finally winning.

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    Default Re: My trip to Chicago 1/29

    Quote Originally Posted by BillS View Post
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    What, because they didn't harass you they don't care? Maybe they were just respectful of your right to cheer for your team or something silly like that.
    No that's not what I meant.... I was just saying that they weren't cheering their team on at all. They cared more about the game on the computer screen than the team in front of them. I was just comparing my experience to his experience in Chicago.

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    Default Re: My trip to Chicago 1/29

    I snuck into the VIP Lounge at Belterra Casino to see you two. Sitting by myself, drinking Crown and Cokes, then all of a sudden... BOOM! I go nuts, tell the 15 or so people in there (none of them are watching the game nor do they seem interested), then all of a sudden... I got 4 guys and a chick watching the game rooting for the Pacers. Unfortunately we lost and I came home broke, but at least we now have Frank Vogel. I can honestly say I regret declining your invitation to Chicago. Not only would I have spent way less money, but I would have seen the end of an era in person followed by the beginning of an era against Toronto.

    Like I told IndyHoya and Pacer4ever... I'm not renewing my season tickets until Frank Vogel has a lifetime contract. Make it happen Larry, I believe in you. You're like Jesus, Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy all rolled into one... except your legit.

    GO P

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