Pacers get: Josh Smith, Nets unprotected first rounder, 2.1 mil tpe
Pacers send: Granger, Rush, 2012 Top 1 protected 1st

Hawks get: Troy murphy, Favors, Rush, 2012 pacers first
Hawks send: Josh Smith, TPE

Nets get: Granger, M. Eavens
Nets send: troy murphy, Favors, 2011 high first

Pacers get their future PF and a high first round pick. We lose Granger but we could use that pick on possibly terrence jones or perry jones to replace granger.

Hawks get cap space and won't we choked by the LT while picking up a rising PF and an excellent backup in rush and a future pick also.

Nets pick up granger and a role player while giving up only favors, and a first and Murphy who is basically of no significance to them.

so basically we are trading granger for Josh smith and Rush for the high first round pick.

George/ d. jones
2011 pick/ Posey, free gent TBA
J. smith, Tyler
hibbert/ josh

We get the athletic PF we are looking for for Hibbert. Yes we lose granger, but we also get our Pf while also getting a top pick who could replace granger. (Perry or Terrence jones). rush is looking like the inconsitent player he was and we could easily replace him with a player in free agency. We would also save 3.3 million now.