In this version we are doing "All time Rosters".

Pick a city & come up with a line up using players from only that team.

We are using the What if Sports site for our game.

If you want to play & need some help with the site, let us know. We are planning on starting our next game on Monday.

This is who is in & their teams of choice.

1.) MagicRat - Pacers
2.) Able - Lakers
3.) Dipperdunk - 76ers/ Syracuse Nationals
4.) Jose Slaughter - Nuggets/Denver Rockets
5.) Pig Nash - Celtics
6.) Burnzone - Kings/Royals
7.) Roaming Gnome - Bucks
8.) SoupisGood - Bulls
9.) ILovethePacers - Suns
10.) MSA2CF - Knicks
11.) Joel - Clippers/Braves
12.) Sycamore Ken - Warriors

Thanks MSA, I forgot to edit out Rim Bender.

This is the group of 12 we have right now.