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Thread: What player do you consider Roy Hibbert's measuring stick?

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    Default What player do you consider Roy Hibbert's measuring stick?

    There aren't a ton of young traditional C's in the NBA these days. With that in mind, I always find myself comparing Roy to Brook Lopez. They've had some really good matchups so far in their careers and hopefully they're both in the East for a long time so we can continue to watch them play each other. To me, Lopez is the best measuring stick we have for Roy as a player. Their games are similar enough that you can basically put them side by side and compare stats and head to head matchups perfectly, with Roy even being a better defensive player and rebounder. You can't quite do that with a guy like Dwight Howard because he's always going to get the better of Roy in the areas of pure athleticism, strength and speed.

    Brook is having a markedly better season than Roy this season, but I still feel that overall the 2 players are pretty comparable.

    2010-11 season...

    Hibbert -
    27.1 minutes
    12.2 points
    7.9 rebounds
    2.2 assists
    1.7 blocks
    43% FG
    70% FT

    Lopez -
    34.1 minutes
    19.2 points
    5.8 rebounds
    1.4 assists
    1.5 blocks
    47% FG
    80% FT

    Over the course of their young careers, they have matched up pretty evenly for the most part, although in some of the early games Hibbert wasn't getting a lot of PT. His rookie year, he played the Nets 3 times and only got 16 minutes per game, only averaging 2 points and 2 rebounds.

    Hibbert vs. NJ (7 career games)
    24 minutes
    10.7 points
    5.3 rebounds
    2 assists
    2.4 blocks
    56% FG
    50% FT

    Lopez vs. IND (7 career games)
    31.3 minutes
    15.6 points
    8 rebounds
    1.1 assists
    1.8 blocks
    41% FG
    81% FT

    So Roy, if you're reading this, please use Brook Lopez as your measuring stick. When it all gets written in the history books, and you've enjoyed a long and healthy career as an Indiana Pacer, as long as your career at least matches that of Brook Lopez (like I think it can), then I would say you've done your part in helping this team achieve greatness.
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