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Thread: Granger Trade Idea

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    Default Granger Trade Idea

    I posted a IND/PHI idea to aquire Iggy.....since then there have been some reports that Philly is no longer looking to blow up their squad with the playoffs a why not play off of that something like this:

    Indiana gets:

    1 - Evan Turner - Prospect
    2 - Thaddeus Young - Prospect
    3 - Maurice Speights - Prospect
    4 - Craig Brackins - Prospect
    5 - Jason Kapono - Expires
    6 - Darius Songaila - Expires
    7 - 2.0 mil TE

    Philadelphia gets:

    1 - Danny Granger
    2 - James Posey
    3 - Jeff Foster
    4 - Brandon Rush
    5 - Solo Jones
    6 - Lance Stephenson

    This would give us an amazing young core of guys to build around. A young lineup of :

    Collison, Price
    Turner, 2011 Draft Pick
    George, Young
    Hansbrough, McRoberts, Brackins
    Hibbert, Speights

    Great young nucleus to move forward with.

    For Philadelphia it gives them a player that as I stated for us when talking about trading for him, compliments what Iggy does perfectly, something they have not had thus far as well as some depth to fill out the roster. This gives Philadelphia a legit lineup of:

    Holiday, Williams, Stephenson
    Iggy, Rush, Meeks
    Granger, Nocioni, Posey
    Brand, Solo
    Hawes, Foster, Battie

    Of course it needs some tweeking to fill it out but thats is def playoff squad. Would you be ok with this trade ? Would Philly do this trade ?
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    Default Re: Granger Trade Idea

    I don't think either team does this.

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    Default Re: Granger Trade Idea

    I like this but I seriously doubt they do it.

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    Default Re: Granger Trade Idea

    That's almost half the team your trading away, not gonna happen.

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