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    How about this if we wanna go full youth movement?

    Indiana sends Granger & Collison to New Jersey and #1 to Golden State

    New Jersey sends Favors & # 1 to Indiana and Devin Harris to Golden State

    Golden State sends Curry and Bell (2 yr contract) in Indiana

    This could be altered if GS wants NJ's # 1 instead of ours by exchanging Radmonovic's expiring deal with Bell's 2 year deal. I'd be willing to take on the extra year of Bell's deal for NJ's #1 but if GS insisted on it, I'd be OK keeping ours

    This would give us a young nucleus of Hibbert, Favors, George, Rush, Curry, Hansbrough, Price, #1 pick, and Stephenson? Sounds pretty good to me, that is if we blow up the 3 year plan (which doesn't seem to be working) and go with a youth movement. By the way, I'm not trying to get rid of Granger, but if we are not in position to be in contention for a couple of years anyway, let's build for the future like we should have done 3 years ago. Later, Bingo

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    Default Re: IN/GS/NJ

    So basically granger collison and first for just curry and favors? Pass

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    Default Re: IN/GS/NJ

    No thanks on this one.

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    If our #1 is involved it's because we get back NJ's #1 which is likely top 5 at worst. In this scenario we take back Charlie Bell's 2 year deal. If we take back Radmonovic's expiring deal, we keep our pick and GS gets NJ's. I'm just sick and tired of being stuck in 30-35 win purgatory. I'd much rather see us bottom out a bit while some very promising youngsters gell into what IMO could be a very good team. I've been a fan since the ABA championships so I've seen it all, and this is really getting frustrating. I'm all for trying to build an immediate winner, but can we? Can we make a deal for Iggy or the like and team him with Granger & Co. and make a run for the next few years? If we can, let's go for it. If not, at least give fans a reason for optimism. I must admit that like others here, I haven't seen much of Favors, so take this proposed trade with a grain of salt. If the consensous is he can be a beast, I think it would be worth the gamble, but if opinions are mixed, by all means I don't want to just give Granger and Collison away.

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