How about this if we wanna go full youth movement?

Indiana sends Granger & Collison to New Jersey and #1 to Golden State

New Jersey sends Favors & # 1 to Indiana and Devin Harris to Golden State

Golden State sends Curry and Bell (2 yr contract) in Indiana

This could be altered if GS wants NJ's # 1 instead of ours by exchanging Radmonovic's expiring deal with Bell's 2 year deal. I'd be willing to take on the extra year of Bell's deal for NJ's #1 but if GS insisted on it, I'd be OK keeping ours

This would give us a young nucleus of Hibbert, Favors, George, Rush, Curry, Hansbrough, Price, #1 pick, and Stephenson? Sounds pretty good to me, that is if we blow up the 3 year plan (which doesn't seem to be working) and go with a youth movement. By the way, I'm not trying to get rid of Granger, but if we are not in position to be in contention for a couple of years anyway, let's build for the future like we should have done 3 years ago. Later, Bingo