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Two gas stations ordered to stop selling fuel

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Indianapolis - Two Indiana service stations have been ordered to stop selling fuel.

The outlets are a Marathon station in Indianapolis, for its 982 North Tibbs Avenue fuel outlet, and a Sunoco station in Upland, for its 280 North Main Street fuel outlet. The Indiana State Department of Health says it has filed emergency stop-sale orders against the stations. The department says an inspection found high levels of water in regular unleaded gas at the Indianapolis station.

"This is what they took out of my tank right after it happened," said driver Mary Godsey.

Godsey says her mechanic drew an engine-killing combination of water and gasoline from her tank after she filled up at the North Tibbs gas station. It was an 80/20 mixture, heavy on the water.

"I went over there and got gas," she said.

Six blocks later, the trouble started.

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."Something was wrong. It started sputtering, I mean, I was barely going," Godsey said.

She made it back to the same corner and her truck stopped completely. She says her next move was to call the Indiana Department of Health, Division of Weights and Measurements, the department that makes sure you are getting what you pay for at gas stations.

"They immediately shut the whole station down for, like, two hours," Godsey said. "They found over 10 inches of water in their holding tanks."

Her mechanic had to remove her gas tank and clean the entire fuel system at a cost of almost $400. Marathon has told Godsey they will pick up the tab for her repairs.

But she was concerned if she was not alone.

"We were talking, what if people got gas there, because there were still people pulling in, getting gas whenever I went back to get a receipt and don't know why their car is broke down," Godsey said.

One of those gas station customers was Willis Scott.

"I'm going down. I'm getting ready to catch the bus now, because my car is down there right now," Scott said.

He says he bought gas at the same station Monday and has been walking ever since.

"It is not running right, now the guy told me I got water in the gas," he said.

A station employee told Eyewitness News that they did have water in their underground tanks and have stopped selling gas.

In Upland, state inspectors found gasoline mixed with the kerosene. The Upland Fire Department had complained about the issue to the state agency.