Pacers send: Danny Granger, D. jones, 2012 unprotected pick
Pacers get: Derrick Favors, Cavs 2011 unprotected pick, Nets 2011 unprotected pick

Nets get: Granger, Augustein
Nets send: Devin Harris, Favors, 2011 first

Cavs send: 2011 unprotected pick, 10 mil tpe
Cavs get: gerald Wallace, 2012 pacers pick

Bobcats get: 10 mil tpe, Devin Harris
Bobcats send: Gerald Wallce, Augustein

Bobcats have been reportedly interested in sending wallace to cleveland for the tpe. Cavs have been extrmemly interested in Wallace. Michael Jordan has been unsure about Augustein as the future pg.

Nets get a small forward they can build around. And a younger cheaper point guard.

although Pacers trade away Granger, We get our future PF , save cap space and get 2 potential top 3 picks.

future lineup:

Collison, AJ,
2011 pick, rush, Lance
George, Posey
Favors or 2011 pick, Tyler
Hibbert/ Mcbob

We are stacked for the future. We could pick up 6-11 Perry jones to play SF and move George to the 2. Plus we wouls have nearly 40 mil. in cap space.