If the Pacers drop Pollard off on the Hawks, with no salary in return, willl they then have enough free cap space to sign someone to the full MLE without going over the luxury tax threshold?
That's what a guy is saying on RealGM
It IS worth noting here that the reason why Indy has not used its MLE is because they are JUST BELOW the luxury tax threshold. If they dump Pollard and receive no salary in return--which is possible here, since the Hawks have quite a bit of cap room right now ($6-$7 mil, I believe), they can absorb the contract--the Pacers will suddenly be able to use their entire MLE. Who might they sign? STROMILE SWIFT. Why not? Jerry West might match it, but it's worth a shot, isn't it?
If that's true, than Indy should do it no questions asked, especialy if they can get a 2nd rounder in return.