ind receives:
steph curry
david lee

gsw receives:
danny granger
tyler hansbrough

curious as to what you guys think. i think the pacers might have to add a protected 1st to this proposal to get the warriors to bite but i think it's relatively fair for both sides. curry plays too similar of a position as ellis and from what i've heard/seen, he doesn't seem untouchable. curry needs to get better at creating for himself and others, but that stroke of his is a pure as it gets. a curry/collison combo would indeed be very undersized, which is a concern, but it would also allow george or rush to slide over to the sf position.

tyler can certainly develop into a david lee but that is not guaranteed, and lee is only 2 years older. lee isn't exactly the defensive presence we are looking for at pf but he's a legitimate starting caliber 4 signed long-term at a very good deal. i think this trade would fill every starting position on our roster for the long haul and allow us to draft bpa, or even give us more trade options with collison being expendable if curry can develop at the one. either way, i like this for the simple fact that curry is young and a much better creator than granger with a better stroke:

pg- collison
sg- curry
sf- george/rush
pf- lee
c- hibbert