Here I am, in Malaga, in the beach with my family, very tranquil, expecting and still celebrating the medal of gold. ..". Another player would be able to be anxious or worried about have not club to this height of the pre-season, but is not the case of Rubén Wolkowyski. The Red one was from Athens to Malaga —there the family of its wife resides Mariana— to rest and to expect news of her possible return to the NBA to play in Indiana Pacers, the subcampeón of the east. "In Greece they had said me that was all fixed, but evidently they hurried to tell me that.. Now they tell me that they need to be removed of Scott Pollard in an exchange to Atlanta so that they can sign me me", it counted the pivote.

Olé ascertained in Indiana that, for now, the Pacers only are offering a contract done not guarantee. The I Strain ratified it. "Yes, is thus, but therefore I do not go neither crazy. They tell me that they need to do that I transfer to give me an agreement guaranteed", it added. The Pacers are far above the run into salary for the next season (is of 43.9 million and Indiana is in 62) and therefore should be removed of Pollard, who will gain 5.6 million. Besides the former one pivote of Sacramento, Indiana only has 13 players with contract and barely three grandotes: Jermaine OR'' Neal, Jeff Foster and the inexperienced one David Harrison.

Rubén trusts in its return to the NBA, where passed for Seattle, you Mow and Boston. "The coach (Rick) Carlisle wants me since directed to Detroit.. It spoke me when we were in Cordoba and told me that had seen mark me well to Yao Ming, to Nowiztki, that interested it to have me. ..". The I Strain does neither see nearby an arrangement with a European club. "As it of Indiana was very serious, my agent to stopped speaking with teams of Europe and today I do not have anything. Only I know that Tomic, the technician of Olympiacos, told myself in a supper that retains me", counted. "There it will be that to expect. ..", closed.