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Thread: Spitball w/ Dallas and Houston

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    Default Spitball w/ Dallas and Houston

    To IND:

    We get two borderline good starters who would GREATLY help us out with our offense. Kevin Martin actually doesn't take bad shots unlike Danny and he gets to the line damn near 10 times a game.

    To HOU:
    Caron Butler
    Dominique Jones
    Solo (filler)
    Indy 1st

    They clear more cap space so they can start their rebuild since this season is in the crapper for them (17-22). They get 4 solid young guys in Ajinca, Hans, Stephenson, and Jones.. As well as a first. Caron and Solo are just fill-in guys since Caron is out for the season. They are really the X Factor in this trade.. I'm not sure if they can get better offers than this or not.

    They clear Martin, Scola, and Miller's contracts (something close to $22 million)

    To DAL:
    Danny Granger
    Brad Miller

    This might be Dallas' last year of serious contention. Their window is closing. They badly need help since Caron Butler went out. They get a top scorer that could hopefully put them as a top team in the West again.

    Keep in mind that Dirk and Kidd are getting old and their window is quickly closing, we need talent that actually fits like a glove in Martin and Scola, and Houston is blowing their stuff up and want to cut salary while getting pieces.
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