But if they are, this may not be the sexiest thing we could do, but it could theoretically work out very well for us.

We send the expiring contracts of Dunleavy and Foster to Denver.

We get Nene and Al Harrington.

Depending on how hot Denver is to move on, that may be enough, but expect our '11 First to be included.

Now no one is high on getting Al back for Round 3, but to me this is worth it because both could give us a lot more talent at the 4 and 5.

Nene becomes the long-sought "Player X" that can be a monster 4 next to Roy, and can easily play center himself.

Al isn't desirable, but since you have him, he's a great luxury item on your bench.

Next year, you could be looking at this:

Darren Collison and AJ Price holding down the point guard spot.

Danny Granger, Paul George, Brandon Rush, and Dahntay Jones at the wings.

Nene, Roy Hibbert, Tyler Hansbrough, Al Harrington, and possibly Josh McRoberts (he's a FA) up front.

Most nights, you start this:

Darren Collison
Brandon Rush (or Paul George if he's ready)
Danny Granger
Roy Hibbert

Combine that with a (God willing) new head coach/staff, and you really might have something here.

I think that's easily worth swallowing that horrible Harrington contract.