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Thread: 53 man roster

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    Default 53 man roster

    Quarterbacks (3)
    18. Peyton Manning
    3. Joe Hamilton
    12. Jim Sorgi

    Running Backs (3)
    32. Edgerrin James
    33. Dominic Rhodes
    23. James Mungro

    Wide Receivers (6)
    88. Marvin Harrison
    87. Reggie Wayne
    83. Brandon Stokley
    85. Aaron Moorehead
    84. Brad Pyatt
    86. Troy Walters

    Fullback (1)
    36. Tom Lopienski

    Tight Ends (3)
    44. Dallas Clark
    81. Marcus Pollard
    80. Ben Hartsock

    Center (1)
    63. Jeff Saturday

    Offensive Guards (3)
    64. Rick DeMulling
    56. Tupe Peko (Backup Center)
    00. Ryan Lilja

    Offensive Tackles (4)
    78. Tarik Glenn
    71. Ryan Diem
    76. Makoa Freitas
    73. Jake Scott

    Defensive Ends (4)
    93. Dwight Freeney
    79. Raheem Brock
    99. Brad Scioli
    91. Josh Thomas

    Defensive Tackles (5)
    90. Montae Reagor
    96. Josh Williams
    75. Larry Tripplett
    97. Keith Wright
    68. Jason Stewart

    Outside Linebackers (6)
    50. David Thornton
    59. Cato June
    57. Jim Nelson
    98. Robert Mathis
    51. Gilbert Gardner
    52. Keyon Whiteside (Our Special teams ace)

    Middle Linebackers (2)
    94. Rob Morris
    58. Gary Brackett

    Left Corners (3)
    25. Nick Harper
    42. Jason David
    27. Von Hutchins

    Right Corners (2)
    30. Donald Strickland
    29. Joseph Jefferson

    Strong Safeties (2)
    20. Mike Doss
    41. Cory Bird

    Free Safeties (2)
    28. Idrees Bashir
    39. Anthony Floyd
    21. Bob Sanders (2 Week Roster Exemption)

    Kicker (1)
    13. Mike Vanderjagt

    Punter (1)
    17. Hunter Smith

    Long Snapper (1)
    48. Justin Snow

    Injured Reserve & PUP (2)
    55. Kendyll Pope
    47. Ben Utecht

    Practice Squad (8)
    TE-Bryan Fletcher
    WR-Eric Hill
    WR-Chris Bernard
    DB-Waine Bacon
    C-Joe Iorio
    DB-Darrell Rideaux
    RB-Carey Davis
    OG-Trevor Hutton

    The cuts Im surprised with is Sauter, Carthon, Sciullo, and Roundtree. I thought Roundtree and Carthon would atleast make the practice squad. I didnt see Sauter gettin cut, nor Scuillo. Jason Stewart? I didnt think much of him in the preseason, how did he make the team over Roundtree? Carey Davis was keeped on the PS over Carthon, the coaches must of really like his blocking. I think he could eventually take Lopenskis roster spot at fullback. What do you all think of the roster?

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    Default Re: 53 man roster

    I didn't like Sauter, I'm glad he got cut. I'm still wondering why Sciullo got cut though.

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    Default Re: 53 man roster

    I really wanted Scuillo to regain his starting job this season because we was the only road grade type OLineman we have, and now he's gone...

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    Default Re: 53 man roster

    Quote Originally Posted by Pacersrule04
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    I didn't like Sauter, I'm glad he got cut. I'm still wondering why Sciullo got cut though.
    I agree, he held on to the ball WAY to long.

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    Default Re: 53 man roster

    Scullio I was surprised was cut.But none of the others surprised me.Now that the Packers cut QB Tim Couch WTHR has had something about us maybe signing him.
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