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Sooo.. How about that first deal now that the Melo trade fell through like coins in the couch?

1st round pick (probably top 10, but top 3 protected)
Damion James
Jordan Farmar
Anthony Morrow (meh about him now)

To NJ:
Danny Granger
I like the idea as it probably solves our PF problem for year and gives room for PG to blossom. However
1. we'd have to include at least 2 other players (say Solo and...) in order to have to cut only one
2. I guess it does not had that much of salary and years but I'm not a big fan of taking both Farmar and Morrow. Morrow I like, Farmar never been impressed. The obvious nice deal in terms of salary cap considerations unfortunately involves... taking back Murphy
3. this deal means the 3 year plan potentially becomes a more-then-3-year plan and I'm not sure Larry'd be willing to give up. I would not be upset as we've pretty much stagnated during that span