Indiana Gets:

1 - Andre Iguadala
2 - Elton Brand
3 - Craig Brackins
4 - Alexis Ajinca

Phili Gets:

1 - Caron Butler
2 - TJ Ford
3 - James Posey
4 - Dominique Jones

Dallas Gets:

1 - Mike Dunleavy
2 - Dahntay Jones
3 - Solomon Jones
4 - Lance Stevenson

I know many will say this is going to cripple us adding Brand's deal but I disagree, as long as we can move both Posey & Jones combined salary of about 9.5 mil Brand's 16 doesn't look QUITE as bad. Iggy contrasts with Grangers game as well as any other guard in the league would IMO. They would make an incredible inside out wing tandem and with Iggy pushing Danny to play defense the way we know he can I think they would be incredibly formidable. Brackins has some upside and Ajinca may as well but both are more throw-ins than anything at this point. We give up our to largest expiring deals in TJ and Mike and a young prospect in Lance but Iggy as better than anybody we could hope to sign and with him brought in and Brandon backing him up, Lance wasn't going to see the light of day anytime soon (he is NOT a PG) I think this puts us over the top with a lineup of:

PG - Collison, Price
SG - Iggy, Rush
SF - Granger, George
PF - Brand Hans, Brackins
C - Hibbert, McBob, Foster, Ajinca

We become a pretty scary team IMO.....well there is still the matter of our coaching....but uh, thats neither here nor there. We prob need to get another PG and wing to fill out the roster but we can look to the draft possibly and even with this we will still have around 15 mil expiring contracts.

I guess it all depends on how bad Phili wants to rid themselves of those 2 albatross contracts as they really don't get a whole lot of value here. With this deal they go into the off-season with something like 37mil in cap space. They also do get Dominique Jones who does have some "upside".....whole deal though as I said probably depends on how much value the cap space is to them...and with how they are playing in their current incarnation....I would think its a lot !

For Dallas I think this move to bring in another swing-man makes more sense than Stephen Jackson, or any of the others if for no other reason than its just a rental if it doesn't work out, it doesn't cripple them with yet another big long term deal. They nab Dun, and a defensive guy in Jones who has really been criminally underutilized in Indy as well as some size in Solo, and a young prospect with arguably more upside than the only real asset they gave up in Dominique.