Is Mcroberts healthy? Tyler had an outstanding game and if this was his audition it would appear its his job to loose, but I don't think Josh played at all. It is nice to have a healthy Foster again and I am happy with him backing up roy. The backup pf minutes are highly dependent on Grangers/
fosters minutes at the 4. This team is healthier than they have been in my memory and it would seem Mcroberts, Posey, and george are all looking at the same minutes depending on matchups. I know very few choose Posey of these three but I am curious how people feel about George and Mcroberts. Do we want Danny playing the four so George gets minutes or Mcroberts backing up Tyler and not going small? Reguardless, I certainly hope Mcroberts gets the backup minutes over Posey. I expect Mcroberts and George to trade minutes from here on out unless Mcroberts starts again or takes Fosters minutes at the 5. who do want to get the minutes?