Looks like the Polish Hammer is establishing himself as the long term center for the Suns.

That leaves last year's darling Robin Lopez a bit out in the cold. Granted he was not having a good year even before the trade that brought Gortat. But he's still a fairly decent big man prospect. And as the Suns roster stands now, the front court of Gortat and Frye seems set for the immediate future, so they might be willing to move Robin if it relieves them of one of their mediocre players with long contracts. In particular, Childress and Warrick can't get playing time despite getting signed to long contracts just last summer.

How about something like R. Lopez and Warrick for Foster? Warrick's contract (2 years $9m after this one) isn't that bad, and we could use another PF. I think that the Suns would ask us to take back Childress instead that though - his 4 years $28m remaining is as ugly as any of the other contracts that went out to mediocre players last summer.

Thoughts? Would you do either version - Lopez + Warrick or Lopez + Childress, for expiring contracts?