To Indy:

To Cleveland:
Tyler Hansbrough or Josh McRoberts (whoever CLE wants more doesn't matter to me, I'd imagine that'd be Hans though)
1st rounder- lottery protected
Lance or Price (same thing as w/ Josh and Tyler
Ford (expirer)

Sure, I love Price, Hans, and Josh to an extreme extent.. But truth be told these guys are just pieces and they come a dime a dozen. I'd rather keep Josh though over Hans because while he doesn't put up the stats and doesn't have the popularity, he's a bigger and better guy for us. Andy is a very good PF/C and if he's not starting, he's without a doubt the best 3rd big in the league, besides maybe Lamar Odom.

He'd make our defense even better than it is now.

We have to give to get and Cleveland is officially blowing their stuff up and they get two decent young pieces and a first for Varejao. If they get a better offer, which I'd imagine they can, then fine. I just know that this is a pretty fine offer, no homerism or w/e.

However, if they are looking to clear more space and won't do this offer here's plan B:

Sessions or Gibson (whoever they like less)

Hans or Josh
TJ Ford

That way they drop more salary, get some pieces, and a first. In this case, we get our big, and we add some more salary but either way we get very good backup point guards.

Here's Varejao's stats:

I can't help but think that maybe they get lowballed, but this is all I could come up with. Thoughts?