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Thread: Ron Artest best SF in NBA?

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    Default Re: Ron Artest best SF in NBA?

    Kahn is a hack. I raised an eyebrow at the Tim Thomas honorable mention too.

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    Default Re: Ron Artest best SF in NBA?

    Kevin Garnett is the best PG, SG, SF, PF, and C in the NBA, so making these lists is pointless.

    Until Bender breaks out.

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    Default Re: Ron Artest best SF in NBA?

    I thought Kahn was off his rocker last summer, when he listed Ron at #5.

    Based on Ron's play, he's clearly better than #5.

    Based on Ron's brain... well we've had that debate over and over and over ...
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    Default Re: Ron Artest best SF in NBA?

    leaving out AK-47 this year, and picking Mashburn last year

    make this list lose any credibility that any sane person might have otherwise given it.
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    Default Re: Ron Artest best SF in NBA?

    You might be asking, "Why would Fool post to a thread that everyone lost interest in so long ago?"

    Zesty c&p'ed the article on Sept. 2nd. I have c&p'ed the list from that article as it reads today. Scan it for a second.

    Ranking the small forwards:

    1. Ron Artest, Indiana Pacers: He is incredibly strong and versatile on both ends of the floor, with the only question being if he can keep his head.

    2. Paul Pierce, Boston Celtics: His strength and ability to score inside or outside are unparalleled, and it will be interesting to see how he copes with the ever-changing roster of the Celtics.

    3. Peja Stojakvoic, Sacramento Kings: The best pure shooter in the game and a much stronger rebounder/defender than people think, but he has struggled in the postseason.

    4. Shawn Marion, Phoenix Suns: His unorthodox shooting style and relaxed demeanor often belie his impact on the game, although his name continues to float in trade rumors.

    5. Lamar Odom, Los Angeles Lakers: He is a blossoming superstar, with more size and natural tools than any of these players, but how will he adjust to his third team in three years?

    6. Richard Jefferson, New Jersey Nets: There are people who love him because he defends consistently, but his shooting and ball-handling are very erratic.

    7. Andrei Kirilenko, Utah Jazz: Clearly, the best defensive player in the group, he's improving rapidly on the offensive end as well.

    8. Antawn Jamison, Washington Wizards: He is a great scorer who has extended his shooting range and is a much better offensive rebounder than people recognize.

    9. LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers: The pressure for him to rise above as the next superstar in the league is immense, but he has the demeanor and skill to meet the challenge.

    10. Carmelo Anthony, Denver Nuggets: He is a natural scorer inside and outside, with an improving floor game. He, too, has great expectations.

    He seems to have slid AK47 into the list after not even putting him on the list of those "also considered" but doesn't even acknowledge the oversight.

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    Default Re: Ron Artest best SF in NBA?

    I still don't think RJ deserves to be #6. I would definitely rank AK-47 over him.

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    Default Re: Ron Artest best SF in NBA?

    I'd disagree that AK-47's the best defensive player in the group... I'd put him at #2 behind Artest. Of course, it's difficult, because they're not similar players. AK is more of a 3/4, while Ron is a 2/3.
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