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    Default IND/CHA/SAC/CHI

    Ok so we all know 4 team deals are tough. In this scenario however you have 4 teams that have needs. We all know the Pacers needs so I wont go into that. Chicago has been publicly linked to trying to acquire a better SG to put alongside Rose. Sacramento has been trying to acquire a young PG prospect to pair with Evans. Charlotte is trying to start over and move some long term contracts. Enter this trade scenario.

    Indiana gets:
    1 - Gerald Henderson
    2 - Jason Thompson
    3 - Beno Udrih
    4 - Sam Dalembert - Expires
    5 - Brian Scalabrine - Expires

    Charlotte gets:
    1 - T.J. Ford - Expires
    2 - Lance Stevenson
    3 - Jeff Foster - Expires
    4 - Ronnie Brewer
    5 - James Johnson - Prospect
    6 - Hassan Whiteside - Prospect
    7 - Sacremento top 5 protected 1st

    Sacramento Gets:
    1 - D.J. Augustine
    2 - Gerald Wallace
    3 - Boris Diaw
    4 - Sherron Collins
    5 - Solo Jones
    6 -James Posey

    Chicago gets:
    1 - Stephen Jackson
    2 - Luther Head

    Indiana - We get our coveted young big in Jason Thompson as well as a young swingman in Gerald Henderson who should thrive with a change of scenery. We get Dalembert who can help this season backing up Roy and he expires at seasons end. Scal is a throw in who we probably just cut. Udrih isnt a bad PG either and would be good backing up Darren if we still dont think AJ is ready. Another integral part of this machine for us is moving Posey's deal for a cheaper, more tradable Udrih.

    Charlotte - Im not sure how much Charlotte values jettisoning the older longer contracts which is honestly what this deal hinges on. This deal completely blows them up only hanging onto Derrick Brown and Tyrus Thomas to build with. They pick up some young prospects in James Johnson, Lance Stevenson and Hassan Whiteside as well as Ronnie Brewer who is a more proven commodity with a good contract. Ford and Foster are just stop-gaps that expire. Also get a 1st rounder out of Sacramento. With this deal Charlotte now has cap space to look forward to as well as young upside guys at spots 2-5.

    Sacramento - gets some major talent here in Gerald Wallace as well as a guy in Augustine who is on the rise and with his outside shooting ability should fit in nicely next to Tyreke Evans. Diaw doesnt have the best contract but is still a legit starter in the league and his style fits nicely with Cousins as he is more of a jump shooting big to Demarcus's inside game. Sac really only gives up Thompson who they dont seem happy with and Whiteside who hasnt seen the floor with a 1st to get 3 guys who will probably start for their team.....cant imagine they would have a problem with this.

    Chicago - Jackson is somebody they have reportedly been interested in and they give up very little to acquire him....enough said

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    Default Re: IND/CHA/SAC/CHI

    Too many moving pieces. Nice in theory, but difficult to pull off something this major.

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