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    After years of patience and a willingness to wait out injury upon injury with their franchise star, the Houston Rockets are engaged in trade discussions about center Yao Ming(notes) with several teams, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

    The lure of acquiring Yao for potential suitors is the $8 million in savings that insurance will provide for his $17.7 million expiring contract this season. Some teams are considering re-signing Yao on a short-term deal with hopes of restoring him to playing health, while others see his contract as a cost-saving measure.

    Once one of the dominant players in the NBA, Yao, 30, will miss the rest of the season with a stress fracture in his left ankle. There are serious questions about his ability to return to the NBA on a full-time basis.

    The Rockets are dangling Yao to acquire a good young player with an upside, if not an established talent. Despite offering Yao in trades, the Rockets haven’t ruled out the possibility of re-signing him to a short-term contract extension.

    If Yao has surgery to repair the stress fracture, it would keep him out 10 months. After missing just two regular season games in his first three NBA seasons, Yao has missed at least 25 games in five of the past six seasons. He’s played just five games the past two seasons. From a broken leg to stress fractures in his feet, Yao’s lower extremities have struggled to support his 7-foot-6 frame.
    This is the exact deal we need!

    TJ, Solo, Dahntay, Foster, Posey, and a combo of 1st and 2nd round draft picks.


    Yao, Budinger, Jeffries, and Patterson

    Why we do this:

    1. We get rid of these old vets that seem to be eating up minutes, and leaving us yet under .500. I dont know about you all, but if we are gonna go just under par again this year, and then have to settle for a pick in the 10-13 range again I am gonna scream. I would rather lose the extra 15-30 games, and get our young guys some playing time with each other, and get a good lotto pick.

    2. We get younger, and more experience. This gives us two young guys who would fit nicely in this system, and look to be solid nba guys.

    3. Yao is a great prospect. Worste case scenario, he retires, or signs somewhere else. Best case, he sticks around, gets healthy, and provides a great 2 towers tandum with Roy, or puts up decent numbers as our 6th man, and 4th quarter spark off the bench. Similar to Parish, Mutombo, Moses, The Dream, and Shaq as they got older. Maybe not 20 a night double-double guy, but putting in around 11 and 9, and filling in on injuries nicely.

    4. International Exposure- Playing or not, Yao will bring our already mediocre Chinese following into full effect. We have all seen the turn out when the Rockets come to town, well imagine if he does pan out, and how the place will be packed at every home game.

    5. We can sign Magnum for the rest of the season.

    I would much rather see this for the rest of the season, even if it meant
    losing a few more games, this would at least be interesting to watch, and worth the drive.

    pg: Collison, Aj, Lance
    sg: Brush, Mike, Budinger
    sf: Granger, George, Jeffries
    pf: Tyler, Patterson, McBob
    C: Hibbert, Rolle, Yao

    Why Houston does it:

    1. They have Twill now to back up Battier, and Budinger isnt playing much, same with Patterson who just came back from the Dleague, Hill and others are playing in the plethora position.

    2. Brings in tons of expiring deals, and gives them experience, depth, and defense.

    3. Gives them 2, count them, 2, centers. They are wanting a back up c now, but this gives them 2.
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    Default Re: Yao Ming available

    this goes into the trade board not here
    In 49 states it's just basketball, but this is Indiana!

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    Default Re: Yao Ming available

    Yeah, I get why we would do that. Now please explain why on earth Houston would do it?

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